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Donate to Nantucket REuse eXchange

Are you a giver or a taker?  Either one is fine with us!

Welcome to ReX, the Nantucket Reuse eXchange, an online tool to help you connect with others in the Nantucket community.  If you have reached this screen, you probably either have stuff or want stuff.

In order to keep this a community oriented, non-commercial site, please consider making a donation to the Nantucket Reuse eXchange by clicking the button below.

There is a $20 payment required for listings of items for sale:

  1. valued at $500 or greater
  2. imported to island for sale purposes or
  3. listed for sale by businesses for commercial purposes

Listings of items that fall into one of the above three categories must be paid for at time of listing or they will be deleted.

A notification of expiration will be sent to all members who have posted an item before the actual expiration of a listing, allowing them a chance to renew the listing.  Items posted will stay active on the site for 30 days unless deleted by the member who posted the item. 

Happy trading and thank you for supporting recycling and reuse on Nantucket!

The team at The Nantucket REuse eXchange.